Welcome to Bellas Fashion CS Inc

With over 20 years of experience in the garment manufacturing industry, we offer fast, high quality production at competitive pricing. Our excellent customer service, quick turnaround time and complete in-house garment development puts us above our competitors.


Our industry veteran cutters and our top of the line machinery has us well equipped to cut most fabrics. Our cutting room has two long cutting tables. We spread, layer and cut fabric with the highest quality, longest lasting and simply the best cloth cutting machines. Our cutting machines cut intricate patterns and tight turns due to the low-profile base plate and narrow silhouette standard.


Our sewers are all industry veterans, some of whom have been working at Bellas Fashion CS Inc since we opened our doors in 1998. The sewing facility has over thirty machines ready for production. We have every sewing machine necessary to complete your production including the flatlock, which is one of the most sought after sewing machines.


Nothing makes your clothing line stand out more than the packaging they are in. Properly folded, bagged and labeled packaging is one of our specialties. Our packaging team consists of three experienced individuals that ensure everything leaves in top shape and exactly how the client asks.